Declare your love with a romantic, humorous or traditional gravure

A special and personal engraving in your and your spouses wedding or engagement ring gives the ring an even more meaningful touch. The traditional engraving usually includes your names and the special date for your wedding or engagement but actually you can write what ever you want, a saying, a phrase from a poem or song, you can choose a latin inscription like ‘Amor Vincit Omnia’ (Love conquers all) – what ever expresses your feelings is possible – as long there is enough space.

Why not engrave you nicknames instead of your real names?

There are also a lot of symbols that can be engraved, like a heart, a star, the eternity symbol,…

Things to consider before deciding about the engraving

One important factor you will need to take into account is of course how much space there is. If the ring contains diamonds the possibility is high that you can’t engrave where they are fitted.

Think of which kind of font type you want, do you prefer a more straight one or would you rather choose a nice handwriting font style.

It also makes sense to ask the jeweler what happens if something goes wrong, if the jewellery is insured.

And always an important factor: the price. Prices for engravings might differ, not only between jewelrs but also if you want your message engraved by a machine or by hand engraving. It is never wrong to request different offers to compare price/service.

Ideas and tips for engraving

There is nothing wrong with doing it the traditional way (name + date) but if you are looking for a more special and personal engraving this alphabetical list might help you.

All My Love

All My Love, All My Life


Always faithful

Always For Forever

As You Wish

Be Mine

Because You Love Me


Bless O Lord This Ring


Each For Each Other, Both For God

Endless As This Shall Be Our Bliss

Every Day I Love You More

Faithful Love Will Ever Last

For all days

For I’ve found love (his) “And love was you.” (hers)

For my greatest love

For Whither Thou Goest I Will Follow

For You Alone


Forever And Ever

Forever Entwined

Forever In Love

Forever In My Heart


From This Day On

From this moment on

God bless this marriage

God for Me Provided Thee

God joined us

God Unite Both in Love

God’s Blessing Forever

Grow Old With Me

Here Is My Heart, Guard It Well

How Do I Love Thee

I Am My Beloved/My Beloved Is Mine

I Dream About You

I Love You

I Love You Most

I promise

I Will Never Love Another

I’m Always With You

In God and thee my joy shall be

In Heaven, Too, You Will Have My Hand

In Thy Brest My Hart Doth Rest

Joined under God

Joy without end

Joy Without End


Let us love always

Life Has begun (wedding date)

Life Is Good

Love Conquers All

Love Is All In All

Love Is Eternal

Love ‘N Kisses

Love Never Fails

Love, Faith, Hope Together

Love, honor and cherish

My Beloved

My Best Friend (wedding date)

My Heart

My Heart Is Yours

My Heart Is Yours Forever

My love

My Love Is Forever Yours

My one desire

Never Another You

Never To Part

No Heart More True Than Mine To You

No one but you

One Life One Love

One Love, One Lifetime

Our Unity Is Christ

So in Love With You

Soulmates Forever

The title (or meaningful phrase) from your wedding song

Till death do us part

To encircle with love

To Have and To Hold

Today – Tomorrow – Forever

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Two Bodies, One Heart

Will You Marry Me?

With All That I Am

With equal step

With These Rings We Bind Our Love

With You Always (initials wedding date)


You And No Other

You Are My Strength and My Love

You Are The Love Of My Heart

You Have My Heart

You Shall Never Walk Alone

Latin inscriptions

Ab Imo Pectore (From The Bottom Of My Heart)

Ad Finem Esto Fidelis (Be Faithful To The End)

Amor Vincit Om (Love Conquers All Things)

Amorem Meum Tibi Semper Dabo (I Will Keep Giving You My Love Always)

Con Todo Me Amore (With All My Love)

Deus Nos Iunxit (God Joined Us)

Dodi Li V’Ani Lo (I Am My Beloved’s And My Beloved Is Mine)

Pari Passu (Side By Side/Equals Together)

Semper Amemus (May We Love Forever)

Semper Didelis (Always Faithful)

Te Amo (I Love You)

French engravings

A Vila Mon Coeur Gardi Li Mo (Here Is My Heart, Guard It Well)

Autre Ne Veux (I Think Of None Other)

Deax Corps Ung Cuer (Two Bodies, One Heart)

Mon Cœur Est A Vous (My heart is yours)

Mon Cœur Avez (You Have My Heart)

Por Tous Jours (For All Days)

Pour Toujours Et Toujours (Forever and always)

Pour Vous Seule (For You Alone)

Reins Sans Amor (Love is All in All)

Vous Et Nul Autre (You And No Other)

Humorous engravings

A deal’s a deal

May The Force Be With Us


Gaelic inscriptions

Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas (Love Loyalty Friendship)

Gra Gael Mo Chroi (Bright Love of my Heart)

Gra Go Deo (Love Forever)

Is gradhaich leam thu (I love you)

Is thu mánnsachd (Thou art my most beloved)

Is Tusa An Dé Ionnam (Eternally yours)

Le Mo Ghrása Mise Agus Liomsa Mo (I am my beloveds, and my beloved is mine)

Mo Anam Cara (My Soul Friend)

Mo ghaol ort (My love with you)

Mo ghrádh bithbhuan (My love forever)

Mo rún geal dileas (My faithful fair one)

Tha gaol agam ort ([My] love is with you)

Turas Saoil A Chéile (Journey of life together)