Ring Sizes

Ring size, find yours

Thanks to the Internet today one doesn’t need to buy rings in the own country. Obviously this broadens the potential product range but there are different things to take into account, for example the ring size.

It is not only the problem that some countries use inches and other the metric millimeter, sometimes the size of a ring is indicated as diameter and sometimes the dimension refers to the circumference. Then there are countries with fixed sizes, like for shoes and clothes.

Different countries, different ring sizes

In the U.K., Ireland and also Australia the ring size is indicated by letters, dividing the sizes in full and half sizes. Other countries like e.g. Japan, Switzerland, Germany and also the USA and Canada use numerical systems, though in a different way.

Japanese, Swiss, American and Canadian jewelers specifies their rings in numerical scales, while when you are buying a ring in Germany the size will be indicated by the actual internal diameter in mm. Then again in Sweden and other countries it is not unusual to talk about the internal circumference in mm.

Ring size chart

Here is a chart with common sizes and their equivalent sizes used in different countries.Ring sizer