Stainless steel wedding bands

It may sound strange to connect a rough metal type like steel to something like a wedding or engagement but actually it is not. Like titanium rings, steel rings are getting more and more common.

Most people that decide to go for steel rings do that because of the resistance of stainless steel and the timeless and plain look. It is worth to know though, that even these rings can be combined with gemstones or other precious metals.

To think of when buying a stainless steel engagement ring

As with almost everything in life you should consider some points before purchasing a ring made of stainless steel.

Before you purchase, check (ask for) if your ring contains nickel and if yes, how much. Nickel can cause allergic reactions so a nickel-free stainless steel ring or hypoallergenic stainless steel is to prefer.

Another point is re-sizing. Other than e.g. white gold rings steel rings can’t be made smaller or bigger. So if your finger size changes due to whatever reasons you will have to find another place for your ring (maybe on a chain as a necklace?).