Pure titanium is a shiny white hard metal.

Jewellery can be manufactured of different titanium types. To prefer is “grade 1” and “grade 2” titanium as it is a) pure titanium (99.6%) and b) size changes are possible. The so called “6/4 titanium” (90% titanium) is harder, actually the alloy is 3 times harder than “grade 1” titanium, so hard that it is impossible to reduce or widen a ring if needed.

The hardest alloy in the world is titanium 6/6/2 with 84% titanium, 6% aluminium, 6% vanadium and 2% stannous. It is 5 times harder than pure titanium.

Titanium wedding bands

Titanium is a perfect material for jewellery production: it is hard, light and precious. And not only that: it doesn’t cause allergic reactions.

If you are very sensitive and other metals like silver or gold often give you itchiness and rashes a ring made of titanium might be the best solution for you.

Although titanium is a very hard metal the wedding ring will get scratches during the time. This is normal, but surfaces like gold or silver grates much quicker and easier than a ring made of titanium. This can be repaired, your jeweller will make the ring look like new again, but you will enjoy a scratch less surface much longer if you take off your ring while working with stones, on your car or replanting plants.

You can get a titanium engagement ring in different styles and colour, with gemstones, with a blank and shiny; light reflecting surface or a rougher looking grey surface. Almost everything is possible.

Titanium care

For you at home it is not the easiest to make titanium shine again but it is of course possible. You can use almost all cleaning agents for metallic surfaces, it just takes time. Don’t forget to wash the ring carefully with for example washing up liquid after polishing it and dry it with a cloth.

If your titanium ring has coloured applications and this color changes, it is because of dirt or fat. When you have washed it with a non-abrasive cleaning agent the colour will be back again.

If you have diamonds or gemstones in your ring the good old toothbrush and some soap water will remove all dirt. Don’t forget to dry it afterwards.